Hassle free Home loan up to 3cr

Rate of interest: Up to 16% - 32%

The key to business growth is Borrow

Rate of interest: Up to 16% - 32%

Looking to set up or expand your business?

Rate of interest: Up to 16% - 32%

Process Within 24 Hours

Nominal interest rates

Secured loan process

Minimum documentation

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1st homeloan makes it simpler to build your dream house

Quick approval

Approve the Loan Withtin Minimum time of applying provided you to fulfil all eligibility criteria.

100% Transparency

We give you full detailed information and provide transparency in transactions.

Easy Loan Repayment

Pay your loan easily and with flexibility with our smaller EMI scheme.

Hassle Free

We provide you with loan very easy with minimum documentation which is hassle free.

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    Our Features

    Below are the features of the home loan that we provide

    Quick Processing

    Bajaj Finserv processes the loan within 72 hours of applying provided you fulfil of all eligibility criteria.

    High Financing

    You can avail up to Rs.1 crore or Rs.3.5 crore if you are a salaried or self-employed individual, respectively.

    Affordable Loan

    Afordable loan ratesĀ are lower in comparison to unsecured loans, making it easier for you to repay.

    Lowest Interest Rate Loan gets approved after comparing all the Banking/ Financial Institution Rate of Interest

    Simple Eligibility Criteria

    Loan eligibility is very simple. You have to be between 18 and 60 years of age if you are salaried and between 25 and 70 years .

    Eligibility is calculated after considering various factors i.e monthly income, fixed monthly obligation, current age,retirement age, Affordability etc.

    Limited Documents

    You have to provide only a few documents including your KYC, bank account statements, salary slips, and income tax returns to avail the loan.

    Flexible Repayment Tenors

    The repayment tenor for salaried individuals ranges from 2 to 20 years. For self-employed individuals, the tenor ranges from 2 to 18 years.

    Pay your loan easily and with flexibility with our smaller EMI scheme.

    Get Started Simple & Securely

    1st homeloan is one of the fastest growing Affordable Housing Finance companies in the country.The Company offers various loan products for purchase, construction, extension and improvement of houses. Get started with us with simple steps given below.

    We offer multiple home loans at affordable interest rates.And with the option of flexible EMI payment. Our main feature is quick processing and few documentation which will make the process Hassle free.

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